"Sisters Dresses" collage by Jane Lund.

"Sisters Dresses" collage by Jane Lund.

Praise for Sisters: An Anthology

From People Magazine:

"Writers including Margaret Atwood and Alice Walker explore sisterhood in this intelligent collection. Don't look for sugar sweetness here; do expect heartache. One woman mourns the younger sister she lost. Another recalls trying to be 'A good daughter' while her wilder sister broke loose. The book makes it clear that sisters don't outgrow their bonds. 'Life doesn't go backwards and I want to know you,' poet Daisy Zamora. 'To recognize you. / That is, to get to know you again.' Once a sister always one. Buy it for a sister in your life." 

From Judith Rosen, Publishers Weekly:

“At Amazon, [Sisters] has been rapidly growing in popularity and is among the top 5 books on siblings; top 20 literary collections. It's too soon to predict whether or not it could become a mega-seller like Carol Saline and Sharon J. Wohlmuth's photo-essay Sisters, first published over a decade ago by Running Press. Still, the anthology has the same potential appeal to anyone who has a sister, sweet or cruel, competitive or complex."

From Gazettenet.com:

“Artist Jane Lund of Ashfield created the cover illustration, ‘Sister Dresses,’ before she'd even heard of the forthcoming Paris Press book. Yet, the image perfectly fits the book's surprising collage of stories, poems and emotions that mirror the complex relationships between sisters. The literary ‘collage’ includes previously unpublished work and reprinted excerpts from women writers, including Dorothy Parker, Grace Paley, Margaret Atwood and Alice Walker.”